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Comprehensive Digestive Health Coaching – Victoria Fenton
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Comprehensive Digestive Health Coaching


Digestive Health Coaching

To handle complex digestive concerns, comprehensive and consistent coaching is often required. For this reason, I offer comprehensive digestive coaching plans which provide holistic and constant support for those treating any form of GI distress.

Digestive wellness is sometimes challenging - from dealing with recalcitrant SIBO, to treating parasites, to implementing immune healing through Autoimmune Paleo diets and more... So often I have found my clients need constant support and iterations of protocols in order to provide effective treatment of digestive disorders.

I have therefore developed comprehensive digestive healing packages which are beneficial for clients who require longer-term digestive protocols. I will discuss these in depth with you if, after testing, we find that you will require a treatment protocol (for parasites, intestinal permeability, SIBO, immune health etc.) Please find outline details of what to expect below.

These specialist, concierged care packages provide the most effective support so that we are more guaranteed to fully deal with your issues.  These include packaged sessions, fortnightly check-ins and the ability to email me at any time for iterations and changes to your protocol.

Full pricing and details of these packages can be found below.

  • Full, 1.5 hour Initial Consultation

  • £210

  • A thorough and in-depth consultation where I will take a full history, discuss your symptoms and diet extensively and I will talk you through the process we will go through together.

    We will also discuss testing – some options may be:

    • GI Effects
    • SIBO
    • Organic Acids
    • Comprehensive Stool Analysis
    • GI-MAP etc.

    We will make our selection for your test/s based on our thorough discussion of your case, your budget and your needs.  I will order chosen tests for you at the close of our consultation – payment for testing is direct-to-lab.

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  • Test Analysis, Consultation & Bespoke Protocol Creation

  • £185

  • During a 1 hour consultation review we will go through the results of your tests and extensively discuss their ramifications.

    We will then discuss next steps.  If your tests are ‘normal’ we will discuss what me might be looking at instead and/or whether there is dietary alterations we can do to obtain symptom relief.

    If your tests have shown digestive issues, we will walk through a recommended treatment protocol.

    AFTER this consultation I spend typically 1 – 1.5 hours creating a completely bespoke, personalised protocol which will be emailed to you with precise instructions along with a written overview of your test results.


    All recommended supplements for any protocol will be hyperlinked for you to purchase, from the most affordable stockists I can find!

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  • Packaged Concierged Service for Digestive Healing

  • £385

    3 months
  • My packaged fee for digestive protocols includes 3 months of consistent support, counselling and assistance – with any protocol iterations, symptom questions and dietary tweaks conducted free of charge.

    It will include the following:

    • Telephone check-in consultations at weeks 2, 4, 6 and 8 (15-30 mins, or over email as preferred)
    • A full 1-hour consultation review (with report creation for ongoing plans) at either 8, 10 or 12 weeks, depending on protocol
    • Consistent email access to me throughout – with responses to all emails sent within 24 hours.

    We can discuss this package during our initial consultations.

  • Book the Support Package Here

Victoria Fenton

Functional Medicine Consultant and Nutritionist

Trained by the Kresser Institute, Metabolic Fitness Pro and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, as well as having qualifications in nutrition and dietary specialisms, I have comprehensive knowledge about all things 'nutrition'. I construct diet and lifestyle programs which can provide physical wellness to my clients, as well as help their bodies heal, lose or gain weight and be ultimately healthy - long term. My ultimate aim is to help my clients be well whilst also finding a confidence and trust in themselves, in their relationship to food and their ability to make healthy and yet enjoyable nutritional choices.

My Approach to Nutrition

I coach my clients entirely dependent on their goals: creating unique, personalised recommendations and customising bespoke dietary plans.  I am trained in using nutrition both therapeutically to alleviate symptoms and heal the gut and the body.  I am also trained in optimising nutrition for metabolic and/or physiological weight goals.

I personally have experienced complex and life-altering digestive issues so have complete empathy with my clients going through gut health problems.  For my own reasons I sought encyclopaedic knowledge of all foodstuffs and diet and have used my knowledge to effectively resolve my own issues.

Clinically, I have used my gut protocols and nutritional healing to help clients with Coeliac Disease, Non-coeliac-gluten-sensitivity, Lactose and Fructose Intolerance, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, gut dysbiosis, Candida, parasites, autoimmune conditions and severe allergies.

I have also created protocols for individuals with issues such as Histamine Intolerance, Oxalate and Salicylate sensitivities, low-FODMAP needs, the GAPS protocol, the WAHLS Protocol, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, the Autoimmune Paleo Diet and more – often several of these in one single client!

I recognise that food is much more than just fuel for our bodies.  It has social, emotional and psychological associations and therefore becomes a very intertwined and complex part of our identity.  Many people develop worrying feelings around food and diet which actually contributes to their physical ill health.

So whilst I use food and nutritional protocols to heal digestion, I also work with my clients on their relationship to food, their bodies and their digestive health.  I work closely with clients to liberate them from any toxic or imbalanced relationships they have developed around nutrition.