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Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing Coaching
In-person Consultations in London, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and at your home in Kent/Sussex. Virtual, Online Consultations & Coaching offered Worldwide
Weight Management – from Weight Loss to Eating for Athleticism – Victoria Fenton
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Weight Management – from Weight Loss to Eating for Athleticism

“Weight Management” covers many goals: weight loss, weight gain, body recomposition, diabetes or obesity management and thyroid- or adrenal-associated weight loss resistance.

However, all of these goals have in common a need to fix nutrition, lifestyle and overall wellbeing in order to reach a physiological end point – whether aesthetic or functional (and hopefully both!).

Using Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Nutrition, I use dietary and lifestyle coaching as tools to help people reshape and revitalise themselves and their health, structuring plans which are tailored to individual goals and timescales.

There is a lot of work in the web spheres lambasting certain macronutrients, eating styles, eating timings, foodstuffs and all manner of nutrients for contributing to weight gain and poor health outcomes.

I take a truly balanced approach to diets and nutrition for weight goals – studying extensively the true biochemistry of nutrients so that I know precisely the diet which will suit the aspirations and physiological reality of each individual client.

No matter what the headlines would have you believe, the truth is that no one diet is universally better than another and there are no 'miracles' in weight control - there is just personalised nutrition that works best for your metabolism, your lifestyle and your goals. This unique and personalised healthy nutrition is what I work to find for all of my clients.

I take my patients through the science around food and nutrients – including macronutrient ratios, timing and, for those who want to lose the pounds, I help my clients eat for fat loss as opposed to just weight loss.  For those with medically diagnosed conditions receiving conventional treatment (such as diabetics using insulin) I work with your other practitioners to collaboratively move you towards being a healthier individual – potentially reducing your medications in the long term.

And for those for whom weight is associated with thyroid health or HPA Axis Dysregulation there are broad dietary measures which must be considered and improved – including making sure that enough is being eaten, and enough carbohydrates… (shock!)

For me, dealing with nutrition is all about education.  My aim is to empower my clients with knowledge and understanding about their food choices so that they feel able to optimise their health through their own decision making.  For me food isn’t about rules and regulations, but comprehending the real impact of food and then creating the right space for clients to respond in a healthy and positive way.

I firmly believe that the biggest part of my job is helping clients gain a healthy relationship to food.  Rather than demonising food groups or form an identity and self-image around the merits (or weaknesses) of nutritional choices, my overall goal is to help my clients to find a way to know what it means to be healthy, and trust themselves around food.

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