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Digestive & GI Health – Victoria Fenton
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Digestive & GI Health

GI conditions range from mild but persistent digestive discomfort through to chronic and life-affecting inflammation and disease.

My expertise in digestive health emerges out of having worked both personally and professionally with a broad array of digestive dysbiosis, dysfunction and disorder.  For an insight into my history, a recent blog post is here.

I am trained to use diet, supplements, lifestyle and psychological therapy to optimise the GI tract in conditions such as:

  • “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”
  • Gas, bloating, belching
  • Constipation and Diarrhoea
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s etc.
  • Yeast, candida, fungal infections
  • Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth
  • GERD, gastroparesis
  • Digestive discomfort, swelling
  • Intestinal permeability or “leaky gut”
  • Food intolerances – from coeliac to histamine intolerance and beyond
Gut dysfunction and dysbiosis is not just about your stomach - it can affect absolutely every system in your body. Healing your digestive system and symptoms plays a vital role in restoring wellbeing to your whole body - and can also resolve mental and emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety and excessive fear.

To heal the digestive system requires bespoke and personalised application of dietary protocols, treatment protocols (using supplements, herbal antibiotics etc.) and holistic, lifestyle techniques.

I am familiar with (and implement) countless dietary approaches:

  • Low-Carb-High-Fat – even Ketogenic
  • High-Carb-Low-Fat, ZONE or Ornish
  • Vegan and/or Macrobiotic
  • Paleo, Pegan, Ancestral
  • ‘Healing’ diets such as Low FODMAP or GAPS
  • Low histamine, salicylate, oxalate
  • “Truly Gluten Free”
  • Specific Carbohydrate Diet
  • Autoimmune Paleo diet and many more…

My expertise as a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist is applying the correct diet and supplement protocols to each individual case.

Then, my aim is to restore as broad a diet as possible to my clients whilst remaining symptom-free, with a healthy and robust digestive system.

I know from experience that food phobias and dietary fear arise out of a lifetime of chronic digestive ill health.  I therefore work on these psychological and emotional aspects alongside functional interventions to ensure that my clients feel confident in their body and with their digestion.

The effects of investigating and healing gut issues can be drastic and wide-ranging – far beyond just healing digestion.  From clearing up skin complaints, immune conditions, allergies and brain fog and fatigue, I have also witnessed improvements in mood, mental health and anxiety through addressing gut dysbiosis.

Much more information can be found on all the conditions I treat (and how!) throughout my blog and in other pages on this site.  You can also click here to contact me to discuss your GI and digestive wellbeing today…

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