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Immune Conditions and Autoimmunity – Victoria Fenton
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Immune Conditions and Autoimmunity

Immune health and Autoimmunity are very close to my heart and my personal experience.  Our immune system is what will save us from illness, infection and harm by marshalling a response against “invaders” or antigens by releasing cascades of cytokines and inflammatory instructions which keeps us safe.

And yet our immune system is exquisitely sensitive.  In our modern world, immune hypersensitivity and immune self-attack is becoming increasingly prevalent.

There are myriad reasons for this – from excess toxicity, heavy metals, vaccines, GMOs and glyphosate, to the pollution of food supplies, the transformation of westernised diets onto more refined and artificial substances, the prevalence of EMFs and also an increase in general, unremitting life and social stresses we are permanently exposed to in the modern age.

However, the result is that immune hypersensitivity and systemic autoimmunity are part of life for millions of people.

Immune dysregulation and Autoimmunity has many causes and many complications. It can also manifest in many ways: diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, neurodegeneration, thyroid conditions, fibromyalgia, neurological conditions, multiple sensitivity syndromes and many, many more...

I work with my immune deregulation and autoimmune clients in a very holistic way – beginning with minimising the substances which are aggravating the condition, but progressing onto restoring immune health and promoting nervous system relaxation.

In immune conditions, the mindset, attitude and emotional realm is highly correlated with dysregulation.  It is perhaps an uncomfortable truth, but I know for myself and all of my clients thus far that autoimmunity is profoundly, beneficially impacted by dealing with mindset and emotions – from processing past traumas to transforming negative self-talk and self-perspectives which can undermine our character and sense of self and contribute to a self-attacking immune system.

This is by no means all that matters, and other factors (including genetics) play a large part in autoimmune conditions so I do focus on the genetic, dietary, nutrition support and lifestyle measures to create the foundations for a beneficial health outcome.

However, I also work to provide my clients with the emotional support, coaching and counselling which supports putting immune dysregulation and autoimmunity into remission.

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