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Why You Might Need A Functional Medicine Coach… – Victoria Fenton
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Why You Might Need A Functional Medicine Coach…

There is so much information available to us these days that almost everything that I ever tell my clients might theoretically be able to be found in some incarnation or iteration online, in podcast format or in a Google-able media resource somewhere.

In an age where the proliferation of (and easy access to) any and all information is deemed a privilege and a right, what is the purpose of a Functional Medicine Practitioner?  Surely all of the information about healthcare that you could ever need is available for free somewhere online?  What might someone like me add into your health-care that you can’t get freely if you look far enough into the recesses of the internet?

I began to write a blog post about this and (oops!) it extended into an epic and began to touch on some really fundamental ‘secrets’ about my work as a Functional Medicine Consultant.

Without meaning to, I went into the more esoteric side of what I personally aim to do in my practice.  More importantly, I started to reveal why I personally do this work.

As I wrote, I began to see that my approach and focus within healthcare is slightly different to that of my colleagues.  I also recognised that it might be worth sharing the deep inner motivation which keeps me doing what I do for those who seek me out to work with them.

My writings about the role of a Functional Medicine Consultant and Nutrition Coach became too long to write in just a single blog.  So instead, I decided to create a mini e-book PDF which details both the reasons you may look to having a Functional Medicine approach when it comes to your healthcare, but also the understanding of healthcare trajectories that I personally aim to bring to the table for my clients to allow them to thoroughly and profoundly become healthy.

So, my e-book actually ended up serving two purposes:

  1. If you’re interested in understanding why a Functional Medicine Consultant might be something to add to your armoury this PDF will tell you how having someone like me in your corner will support your journey to your health.
  2. If you’re interested in why I might be the specific practitioner for you then you will definitely benefit from reading this PDF.  You will learn why I really do the work that I do and how I base my practice in the holistic and the deeply therapeutic – helping my clients truly and deeply heal from everything they have been through…

Oh – and I should say – I also include all of the reasons why sometimes you DON’T need someone like me in your corner and even provide the resources which can show you how to do this health journey on your own!

So do sign up to get my Free PDF on Why You Might Need A Functional Medicine Coach – and Happy Reading!

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