Victoria Fenton - Functional Medicine Consultant, Nutritionist & Health Coach

Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing Coaching
In-person Consultations in London, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and at your home in Kent/Sussex. Virtual, Online Consultations & Coaching offered Worldwide
FAQ – Victoria Fenton
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Do I Really Need to Work With a Functional Medicine Practitioner?

I have produced a great PDF you can sign up to receive here.  It’s 20 pages long, so I haven’t published it online, however it gives you a really great insight into the importance of having the support of a Functional Medicine Coach, Practitioner – and also the situations in which there is less need for acquiring outside assistance with your issues.  Any more questions about why I might be able to help you – just get in touch!

What Does A Consultation Entail?

A consultation with me is essentially a conversation.  Depending on your concerns, we will discuss your health, your history, your current symptoms and the way you are feeling about your wellbeing.  You can tell me everything that you have experimented with, and I encourage you to be as honest as possible about your diet, your habits and your feelings.  The more open you can be, the more I can help you.

How Long Does a Consultation Last?

My Initial Consultations last for 1.5 hours minimum.  This gives me enough time to really come to understand your situation and the issues you’re dealing with.  It also allows me to gather the background information that I need in order to be able to make an assessment about the evolution of your health condition and how to help.  I also will try to give you practical help immediately – if I can help you within one session, I will always try to do that and encourage you to experiment with my guidance and contact me if you need me again.  Subsequent consultations will last for 1 hour or we will place you onto a support package where we will have 30 minute phone calls regularly to check in.

How Many Consultations Will I Need?

This is incredibly difficult to answer – and largely depends on the work we are trying to do.  Sometimes with Nutritional Coaching we embark upon a lengthy relationship in which we keep in regular contact to enact large-scale changes in your habits and your life.  However, frequently with my Functional Medicine Consultations there is an Initial Consultation followed by me ordering a test (or several).  This will require a Follow-Up Consultation for me to feed back results.  Typically with my Digestive Health Clients, particularly if dealing with something such as SIBO, we will have at least a 3 month relationship together to ensure we heal your GI system.  This is the precise reason why I have created my GI support packages.

Why Choose You as My Practitioner?

I have over 12 years’ experience dealing with my own, very complex health issues which required extensive studies, compassion and understanding in order to resolve.  I now do what I do for others because I know the distress of not feeling heard and not finding answers.  I have studied with some of the world’s leading health institutions for Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health – and I am also not afraid to access my wider network to get additional support with cases in which I feel I need to.  I aim to be part of the vital infrastructure my clients need in order to get better, and I invest in them as I would invest in my own healthcare.  If you want to know my background, please do read More About Me Here.

Why Do You Specialise In GI or Digestive Health?

I revealed a lot about my practice focus on digestive health in my blog post regarding the niche of my work.  In brief, digestive wellbeing has formed all of my history, and I have fought every GI battle I can think of so personally I have such profound experience in this arena.  I have healed my own GI distress through a whole host of methods – from supplements, treatments, to stress-relief and psychological reframing – so I can offer all of these solutions to my clients to help them in their GI issues.

Why Do You Specialise In Immune Dysregulation and Autoimmunity?

I revealed a lot about my practice focus on autoimmunity and immune health in my blog post regarding the niche of my work.  I also went into detail about immunity and psychology and also immune wellness with regard to certain proteins on the blog.  I have autoimmunity and immune dysregulation as a key part of my history and so understand all of the factors which contribute to the immune system picture in healthcare – from inflammation, food intolerances, histamine issues to genetic SNPs.

Do I Have To Do Lots of Tests?

Typically, I do the tests I need to – no more, no less.  I love the ability to have an in-depth look into your body’s functions, however don’t believe that it is impossible to work without this information.  There are some situations wherein I will insist on a test in order to feel confident with a protocol, or to help me understand the reason behind your symptoms.  When this is the case I will always explain my rationale and what I need to find out from running the test.  If my treatment protocol is going to be roughly similar regardless of test outcomes I will always give my patients the choice of whether they wish to run the testing or not.  With some situations we need to repeat tests at the close of a treatment protocol to check for efficacy.  If I know we are going to need to do that with you then I will warn you at the start of your protocol.

We're Having Online Sessions - How Does Testing Work Then?

Testing works the same whether it is for an online or clinic patient.  I will order your testing directly through my laboratories who will despatch a test kit to you via post.  This kit can then be used at home – urine/saliva/stool samples being given as directed and, if a blood draw is required, taken to a local blood draw centre – full details of which will be provided.  Private hospitals and local clinics are always amenable (sometimes for a small fee) and there are growing numbers of mobile phlebotomists which may be more appropriate for you.  Once you have the completed samples etc. you will return the kit via the recommended courier/mail service to the labs.  You will also pay the labs for the processing of your test kit directly by including a cheque or credit card details with your kit.  I will receive the results over the following weeks and contact you to let you know when they’ve been returned so we can book in a Follow-Up Consultation.

How Much Do You Charge?

Full pricing details for all sessions and packages can be found on this page here.  If you are looking to have Digestive Health Coaching with me, the package outlines can be found here.

Where Do You Work From?

After several years living and working in London, I now live in Tunbridge Wells and work from clinic in Crowborough, doing home visits around the Tunbridge Wells area (Kent and East Sussex borders).  I run most of my practice virtually, however – which empowers me to live in a healthy environment for myself whilst also helping the broadest array of clients.

What My Clients Say...

I didn't realise how much my perspective affected my autoimmunity. Just feeling differently about things has drastically reduced my inflammation and antibodies. Almost a miracle.



All of my IBS Symptoms are gone. It took a while, but it was so worth it. Can't believe my stomach is flat again... and that I can eat without pain.



I have really enjoyed reading your recent newsletter, it's as if it was written for me - all about immunity.



I'm truly grateful for your efforts and will be following your advice accordingly. You made me feel at ease after our consultation yesterday, something that no doctor has done!



Wanted to say a huge thank you for mentioning that in our consult. My whole life now makes sense!!



Thank you. It has helped having your vast knowledge & experience and overall support...



I am easily sticking to the diet and noticing a difference already! Can't believe after so long I'm finally making progress!



Great report - very thorough and thought through for me. It has calmed me down a whole lot. Thanks for these soothing and sensible words.



I have made a few really good decisions recently, not least of which was having a call with Victoria to talk through my test results... I feel liberated.



I'm always calmer after a missive from you, glad you sleuthed everything out!