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Thought Provoking – Victoria Fenton
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Thought Provoking

Psychology for Intolerances and Autoimmunity – Stress, Psyche and Self-Perspective

In my last article on Gluten and Grains, and whether they were digestible and tolerated by most people or not, I alluded to the concept of Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology and the larger factors which determined whether someone’s digestive and immune systems were able to tolerate these more ‘challenging’ proteins. The “Psycho” of this...

Shining a Light on Cancer… with a side order of croissants

I was not going write about this topic, particularly given the fact that in my latest post I had a go at modern media for the impression they were giving about dementia. However, I have been catching bits and pieces of the rather inspiring BBC Breakfast series this week shining a light on...


The Emotional Side of Nutritional Coaching

There are so many voices on the internet that contribute to what is now an information overload about nutrition, functional medicine, physiological testing, medical diagnostics and healthcare.  True, many of them are either regurgitating old information, or are total nonsense - but a lot of them are actually excellent resources...

Individualised Healthcare, Personalised Prescriptions

I hate the internet sometimes. I mentioned in a blog a couple of weeks ago about my infuriation with the misinformation about diets that permeate it, and I pledged to write some e-books about each individual dietary strategy, explaining how and why they worked and what to be aware of.  I...


The Diets Do Work – Just Not For Everyone

Every single client I have seen this week has come to me already following a diet.  Most of these ‘diets’ have resulted out of piecing together several different systems or facts they have been told in the past.  Moreover, every single person has been struggling with their ‘diet’ (though I...